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Lending regulations - library

On this side you will find the lending regulations for all the libraries in Hedmark county. You will also find the local regulations for Kongsvinger library. When you sign the registration form, you also accept these regulations.

Lending regulations for the public libraries in Hedmark county.

  •  It is free of charge to borrow from the library.
  • You may borrow at any public library in Hedmark, and return the items in a library that suits you best.
  • If the library you visit, doesn´t have the particular item you require, you may ask the library to obtain it from another library.
  • It is compulsory to have a library card. You may have one issued which can be used in most of the Norwegian libraries.
  • The library card is personal, and it should not be left to anyone else. You are responsible for all items borrowed with your card.
  • By loss or theft of your library card, a new one will be issued, usually in payment of a small fee.
  • Notify the library whenever name, address, phone number or email-address is changed.
  • Normally, you may borrow items for four weeks. Some items may be borrowed for a shorter or longer period.
  • Loans can usually be prolonged. This may be done either online, by mail or phone, or by calling at your library.
  • Overdue charges may be claimed on items not delivered on returning date. Lost or damaged items must be compensated for.
  • Breach of these rules, may cause loss of borrowing rights.


If you don´t return the items to the library in time, you will receive a 1.  reminding, fee 40,-. The 2. reminding has charge of kr.70,-. The 3. letter from the library will be a bill for compensation of lost material.

Books, adults Kr.450,-
Books, children Kr.230,-
Magazines Kr.  60,-
Films,language courses and
sound books
Exact price, min. sanction prices
Single CD Kr.220,-
 Rent a room Before 18:00: Kr. 350,-.
After 18:00: Kr.700,-.
Lost library card Kr. 20,-

Some valuable materials will be especially evaluated.

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