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Welcome to the English version of Kongsvinger municipality’s website. The site gives you an overview of the services offered by the municipality and tells you where and how you can find the information you need.

The site also has information about the municipality’s cultural attractions, places to eat and drink, accommodation and what is happening and when.

If you are moving to the Kongsvinger area or are considering moving here, we hope you will find the information you need on these web pages. If not, please feel free to e-mail us on servicetorget@kongsvinger.kommune.no and we will help you get the information you need.

Contact information

Here's a quick overview on ways to reach us.

Adress for mail by post:

  • Kongsvinger kommune
    Postboks 900
    2226 Kongsvinger

Visiting adress:

  • Rådhusplassen 3
    2212 Kongsvinger

Phone, mail and fax

  • Phone. Servicetorget (Office for Public services): (+47)62 87 40 00
  • Send us e-mail

Opening hours: Monday - Friday  08.00 - 15.30, Wednesday 09.00 - 15.30


The map portal contains standard maps and many types of thematic maps, for example plans for regulations and cultural monuments. To look up a property you can search for an address or property registration number. You can also zoom in on the map by using the buttons at the top.

Trade and industry

Trade and industry in Kongsvinger consists of companies and institutions with approximately 8.600 jobs.

There are approximately 400 more jobs than workers living in the municipality. Consequently Kongsvinger serves as an employment engine for commuters into the region. 

Kongsvinger has advanced companies with the latest in IT, plastic and mechanical industry. These companies are at the forefront of technology and compete on an international basis. To increase competence and maintain this position there is strong focus on supplementary training.

Kongsvinger is a marketing and service centre. 35% of workers are employed in trade, transport and commercial services, whilst industry and construction employ 17%.

Kongsvinger is home to several large government institutions. Kongsvinger hospital, Statistics Norway, Hedmark county and Kongsvinger municipality employ in total over 3.700 people (44%).

The level of education in Kongsvinger is higher than in the rest of the region. The regions workforce is known for its stability, high level of achievement and a flexible attitude.


Are you looking for work in the Kongsvinger region? Kongsvinger municipality has an overview of all available jobs here. Please also see finn.no for more jobs in the region. (The contents of this link is regrettably not translated into English)


Opening hours
Day Opening hours

Monday - Friday

11am - 6pm


11am - 3pm

Kongsvinger Library presented in European database.
NAPLE (National Authorities on public Libraries in Europe) is an  European database presenting the best new library buildings in Europe.

Contact information

Kongsvinger library
Visiting address:  Rådhusplassen 6
Postal address: Postuttak, 2226 Kongsvinger
Tel no:  62 87 40 70
e-mail: post@kongsvingerbibliotek.no
web-adress: http://www.kongsvingerbibliotek.no


Are you improving or extending your home, building a garage, deck or holiday home? Construction projects are divided into 3 categories depending on size and complexity.

  1. Projects that do not require either a formal building application or notification
  2. Projects requiring notification     
  3. Projects requiring a formal building application

If you are not sure into which category your project fits, or which documentation to include in your application, please feel free to contact us for help on tel no: 62 87 40 00.

Expected response time when dealing with a case

  • For reports and straightforward projects; 3 weeks
  • Application for handling one simple project; 12 weeks
  • For shared projects requiring agricultural handling: 4 months.
  • Application for exemption from regulation plans; 4 months

These response times are applicable on the assumption there are no recorded protests from neighbours.

Care services

Relief and assistance

The municipality can offer care in nursing homes and the care of mentally challenged children and young people. The municipality can also provide support personnel and day-care centres.

Living arrangements

Kongsvinger municipality offers various living arrangements like nursing homes, communal homes and care residence homes.

Care services

The municipality care services offer home care, home nursing care and meals-on-wheels. The municipality can work out an individual plan if needed.

Financial support and welfare

Welfare can be given to people who meet the requirements.

For further information about these services, please contact the Service and Welfare unit on tel no: 62 87 40 00, or by e-mail to: postmottak@kongsvinger.kommune.no

Health services

The municipality and the county administration offer various health services such as public health centres, medical centres, school health services, dental services and physiotherapy.

For further information about these services please feel free to contact Kongsvinger municipality's service office on tel no: 62 87 40 00 or by e-mail to: servicetorget@kongsvinger.kommune.no


Basic compulsory schooling in Kongsvinger consists of 7 primary schools, 3 secondary schools, and 3 high schools up to fifth form.

For further information about the schools in Kongsvinger, please contact Kongsvinger municipality's service office on tel no: 62 87 40 00 or by e-mail to: servicetorget@kongsvinger.kommune.no

Strategy of educational politics

The local council established that children who attend the compulsory schools in Kongsvinger shall have significant skills and be winners in the future labour market.

School employees shall develop skills in line with the promise of knowledge, and have the skills to adjust the education in accordance with the needs of children.

After-school programme

All the schools have after-school programmes. An after-school programme should not be an extension of the school day. Time spent in after-school programmes is on children's own free time. Even if the programme in itself means organising the children’s time, we do not want the arrangement to be fully organised by the adults. We want to give children room to play freely and to motivate themselves. The freedom in choice of activity and the option of taking quiet breaks will be emphasised.

For further information about the after-school programme, please contact the school relevant to you (see the menu on the right).

Further education beyond compulsory school in Kongsvinger:

Children and families

Kongsvinger municipality has 5 communal and 5 private kindergartens.

The main admission period is coordinated and takes place in April. You can apply throughout the year and admission runs consecutively whenever there is vacancy.

Applications are internet-based and you can find the application forms by clicking “Apply for admission to kindergarten” 

Please feel free to contact Kongsvinger municipality's service office for further information about the kindergartens in Kongsvinger on tel no: 62 87 40 00 or e-mail: servicetorget@kongsvinger.kommune.no.

You can find information about the different kindergartens in the links on the menu to the right. This information, however, is not translated into English, but the contact information will help you get in touch with the kindergarten relevant to you.

For questions regarding financial assistance such as child support, family allowance, maternity leave, parental and child benefits, carers leave and benefits, benefits for single parents – please contact NAV - (The Norwegian Labour and Welfare Service).

If you need help or have questions regarding family and married life, Child Welfare may offer guidance.

Culture and tourism

Kongsvinger municipality is very active culturally. We have been known for many years for our activities on the football field. However, Kongsvinger fortress and the Women’s Museum are also well-known attractions in a creative and eventful town.

Leisure and recreation

There are plenty of recreational activities to choose from in Kongsvinger. We are known for excellent outdoor activities,  a well established athletic environment and a great cultural scene.

Sports and outdoor life

There are plenty of opportunities for sports and outdoor life in Kongsvinger. Close to the town centre we have fantastic places for bathing, fishing waters, sports centres, formal sports activities, established sports clubs and superb hunting opportunities.

Cultural attractions and activities

Kongsvinger has a broad and comprehensive cultural life which is evident in the many attractions and activities. The Town Hall Theatre offers a great variety of films, theater and concerts. The town also arranges many other events worth visiting.

The Town Hall Theatre’s own website gives you an overview of the many arrangements (The contents of this link is not translated into English).

The culture calendar gives you an overview of all the arrangements in the region (The contents of this link is not translated into English)

To and from Kongsvinger

Kongsvinger is positioned at a communication crossroads. There are classified road, bus and railway connections to Oslo, Stockholm and Trondheim in the north. The main airport, Gardermoen, is just an hour away.

Distances from Kongsvinger

Approx. distance
in km

   Approx. distance
in miles

Oslo 100 62
Gardermoen 60 37
Hamar 100 62
Elverum 100 62


Nordkapp (North Cape) 2 096 1 302




Stockholm 460 286
Rome 2 400 1 491

About Kongsvinger municipality

Kongsvinger is the commercial and regional centre in southern Hedmark county. The municipality has approximately 17 885 inhabitants and approximately 12 000 of these live in the town of Kongsvinger.

The town originated as a centre for trade in connection with the building of Kongsvinger fortress in the 17th century. The fortress was finished in 1682. Today the well preserved fortress is a landmark, looking over the town and the river Glomma which runs through the town centre.

Kongsvinger is situated centrally in the eastern part of the municipality, with travelling distances under 1 hour to Gardermoen airport and just over 1 hour to Oslo.  Kongsvinger is a border municipality to Sweden and a communication junction with classified road, bus and railway connections to Oslo, Stockholm, and Trondheim to the north. We are also ideally placed with regard to IT communication with a well developed infrastructure in this field.

Official statistics about Kongsvinger: Statistics Norway - SSB

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