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Culture and tourism

Kongsvinger municipality is very active culturally. We have been known for many years for our activities on the football field. However, Kongsvinger fortress and the Women’s Museum are also well-known attractions in a creative and eventful town.


There are plenty of recreational activities to choose from in Kongsvinger. We are known for excellent outdoor activities,  a well established athletic environment and a great cultural scene.

Sports and outdoor life

There are plenty of opportunities for sports and outdoor life in Kongsvinger. Close to the town centre we have fantastic places for bathing, fishing waters, sports centres, formal sports activities, established sports clubs and superb hunting opportunities.

Cultural attractions and activities

Kongsvinger has a broad and comprehensive cultural life which is evident in the many attractions and activities. The Town Hall Theatre offers a great variety of films and concerts. The town also arranges many other events worth visiting.

The Town Hall Theatre’s own website gives you an overview of the many arrangements (The contents of this link is not translated into English).

The arrangement calendar gives you an overview of all the arrangements in the region (The contents of this link is not translated into English)

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