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Basic compulsory schooling in Kongsvinger consists of 4 primary schools, 2 primary and secondary schools (combined), and 2 high schools up to fifth form.

For further information about the schools in Kongsvinger, please contact Kongsvinger municipality's service office on tel no: 62874000 or by e-mail to: postmottak@kongsvinger.kommune.no

In the menu to the right you can find links with information about the different schools. This information, however, is not translated into English, but the contact information will help you get in touch with the school relevant to you.

Strategy of educational politics

In the ”Strategy of educational politics 2007 – 2010” the local council established that children who attend the compulsory schools in Kongsvinger shall have significant skills and be winners in the future labour market.
School employees shall develop competencies in line with the promise of knowledge, and have the competence to adjust the education in accordance with the needs of children.

After-school programme

All the schools have after-school programmes. An after-school programme should not be an extension of the school day. Time spent in after-school programmes is on children's own free time. Even if the programme in itself means organising the children’s time, we do not want the arrangement to be fully organised by the adults. We want to give children room to play freely and to motivate themselves. The freedom in choice of activity and the option of taking quiet breaks will be emphasised.

For further information about the after-school programme, please contact the school relevant to you (see the menu on the right).

Further education beyond compulsory school in Kongsvinger:

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