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Trade and industry

Trade and industry in Kongsvinger consists of companies and institutions with approximately 8.600 jobs

This is approximately 400 more jobs than workers living in the municipality. Kongsvinger works as an employment engine for commuters into the region. 

Kongsvinger has advanced companies with the latest in IT, plastic and mechanical industry. These companies are at the forefront of technology and compete on an international basis. To increase competence and maintain this position there is strong focus on supplementary training.

Kongsvinger is a marketing and service centre. 35% of workers are employed in trade, transport and commercial services, whilst industry and construction employs 17%.

Kongsvinger is home to several large government institutions. Kongsvinger hospital, Statistics Norway, Hedmark county and Kongsvinger municipality employs in total over 3.700 people (44%).

The level of education in Kongsvinger is higher than in the rest of the region. The region’s workforce is known for its stability, high level of achievement and a flexible attitude.

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